Sound impression: Lows & Overall sound signature

The output power is pretty powerful despite the compact size.   U6 goes for a masculine, vibrant sound signature. The bass is slightly boosted however keeps a good balance and doesn’t get dull in texture. It’s more on the thicker side with large yet fast punches. It highlights a hint of reverbs but done in a clean manner and never close to being overdone.

What I like about this player is that the bold and thick bass decays with speed and high accuracy. Probably not the most ideal choice for those who are looking for flat, raw sounding players, but if that reason is based upon the assumption that the bass would sound loosen, slow, or soft, that’s not the case with U6. The bass here is thoroughly under control with precision.   



Sound impression: Mids

Mids are very up-close and engaging. It’s the same characteristics I’ve found from their flagship model, U8. Though this doesn’t particularly mean the sound is fatiguing or lack space. I actually find this more enjoyable and should be the same for those who enjoy lively, realistic, and intensive sound signatures. The textures are smooth and have gently brightened upper mids, providing a bit of airiness while keeping the sound comfortable.

The overall width of the sound is slightly more on the thicker side, leaving me a bold, vivid impression. Male vocals sound excellent but female vocals aren’t left out either. Well, that could be the case if you’re into rather thin and calm sounding players (Astell&Kern, for example), but other than that U6 manages well with female vocals too, by presenting them in a passionate tone with rich of energy. It also does a fairly fine job on calm and gentle tracks, but just around being mediocre due to its up-close presentation.      


Sound impression: Highs, etc.

Highs feel bold, dense, and mildly warmer than the U8. It takes a more careful, smoother approach too. The sound ray feels to be a bit softer and thicker, making the strikes feel more organic compared to the U8. Of course, this is a minor difference and doesn’t mean U8 isn’t organic or U6 to have a mushy texture. The staging characteristics of these are more focused on high dynamics and the up-close presentation. The wideness is mediocre, – not particularly advanced but not lacking in performance either. Overall, the performance tier between U6 and U8 seems to be pretty much equal with different characteristics here and there.   




From underestimation to satisfaction. U6 is a good example showing how to properly accept feedbacks from the customers and apply it to their products accordingly. Lots are improved and fixed, lowered in price, and even the performance matches up with the flagship model, U8. U6 would be an awesome choice for those who are looking for a lush yet smooth, up-close sound signature and even for original U8 users. 




Thanks to Colorfly for providing the U6 in exchange for an honest impression/feedback.

I am not affiliated with Colorfly and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.

Colorfly U6


Sound quality


Build quality


User interface (UI)


Versatility and features


Value for the price



  • Fast and responsive OS
  • Powerful and engaging sound signature
  • Solid build quality


  • Yet uncommon 3.5mm Pro balanced output
  • Not much things to do with the Wi-Fi

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