Colorfly U6 Review: A ball of fire

Colorfly U6 Review: A ball of fire

Colorfly came up with another premium portable player, the U6. The performance is claimed to be placed in a similar position with the U8 flagship player but lowered in price and made revision with the lessons learned from the U8. The retail price is marked at $750. As a current U8 user, I was much curious about U6 and would like to share my impressions about it.


The packaging

U6 comes with an almost identical packaging as the U8 but with a plentiful amount of accessories, much better than the U8. Other than the player, there includes a leather case, 2.5mm to 3.5mm balanced jack, 4.4mm to balanced jack, protective screen glass, a cleaning cloth, a data/charging cable, and some paperwork. Mine is an early demo so I do not have the case or the conversion jacks, unfortunately. Along with these accessories, Colorfly even included extra stickers and ethanol swaps for removing dust off the screen. This is an offer way better than the U8 which was provided with barely anything. Good to see them paying attention to the little things like these.



The build

My very first impression with the U6 would be its solid build quality. U6 gives a bold, rigid look with teal body color. It gives a firm tactility and there are no visible gaps or shaky parts from the player. The dimensions are almost the same as the U8, however slighter thicker and heavier. Of course, that’s a subjective matter and doesn’t feel significantly different on hands. The vibrant gold volume wheels spices up the calm looking player, offering a premium yet pleasantly plain design. I can see that they’ve paid more attention to smoothening out the sharp edges and feels less poky than the U8. Both sides are finished with tempered glass and give the U6 a stylish symmetric look.



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