Quick Two Cents: Back to Operation

The expensive bois for eye-candy.


Ah, it got a little dusty here after pretty much abandoning our news and column section, the Quick Two Cents (QTC).

Abandoned for old, too old indeed.


To at least make an excuse, life caught up on me big time in the recent few years I barely had enough time to push out our usual reviews, hence the absence of new QTC posts for years. Well, now things got better. Got more time to bring back QTC, booting it back on at least.


The struggle of sharing product news… but also preventing from turning QTC into a mere product release news AI-bot


Quick Two Cents was intended for sharing portable audio news, and to make more personal interaction for our thankful readers of About Audio. Though spamming with new product news would be redundant (unless I’m the very first to share a product that was released).

Simply sharing thoughts would be too much low-quality content that I’d rather stay away from. I’m thinking about how to make a good mixture of two elements – new product info and unique articles.


For now, Quick Two Cents will be an area where I write audio things more casually, personally, maybe more subjectively, and/or just random thoughts related to portable audio. Or maybe not even audio. I’m also planning to use this place to write impression reviews, which is a lot more casually done than our usual reviews (since every review you’ve seen here took tremendous time, energy, and stress..)


Also using some casual, easy-reading reviews should likely do good for both me and for you. Anyway, that’s all for now. Stay tuned to newer QTC content. Could be much sloppier than you think, though we’ll see… 🙂🤔