Silicone cover for Campfire Audio IEMs

Quick Two Cents

Musashino announced quite an interesting protective cover – not for DAPs but IEMs. It’s a silicone cover designed for Campfire Audio IEMs which not only will protect the earpieces from scratches but also possibly provide a more comfy fit. I’m one of those people who are obsessed about keeping my IEMs in a like-new condition and Campfire Audio products sure do require much attention to keep it pristine. It’s planned to be released on Oct. 11th with a price of approximately $50(!).


Let’s get real, the price is far too high for a pair of silicone covers. My hypes immediately died after looking at how much those costs. Maybe around $12 would have been more pleasant? At the end of the day, it still is a good accessory for keeping your precious Campfire IEMs nice and clean. These silicone covers are for sale only in mainland Japan, so those who are willing to grab a pair should use 3rd party warehouses to purchase (Link). It works with Andromeda, Jupiter, IO, Nova, and Orion. It also works with Polaris, but you’ll have to make a mod by pinching a hole for the vents.