Moondrop announces the new Stardust

Putting beyond the Chi-Fi barrier, Moondrop is one of the hottest IEM brands out there. The two of the most anticipated products from them recently would be SSR and Starfield… but what about having them combined?


Moondrop recently announced a new earphone called “Stardust” in a special collaboration with MOEYU – an online store in Tmall. The shape, structure, and the driver are all identical as SSR yet with an eye-catching blue-themed color that much resembles Starfield.



Both the tuning and the components appear to be identical to the original SSR and would not have any differences in sound either. However, Stardust comes with the same cable included with Starfield, therefore the sound may show only a small difference that is solely caused by the cable differences. FYI, Starfield/Stardust uses an OFC cable while SSR uses a silver-plated OFC cable. 



Stardust is exclusive to MOEYU’s Tmall store and is priced at 736 RMB (about $99, similar to Starfield’s). It includes a warranty card labeled with serial numbers. The color of the card depends on the serial number, having a gold theme for numbers below 1000 and a silver theme for numbers beyond that.


MOEYU & Moondrop also stated that they are running a special raffle where they would give a full refund for the purchase in case you picked up a lucky serial number – however, this raffle is only limited to mainland customers.


Would you be willing to pay extra to give yourself an upgrade to Stardust over SSR? Feel free to share your thoughts.