Colorfly U6 Review: A ball of fire

The EQ

The EQ system is straightforward but effective and detailed. There are 7 presets available and an extra slot for customization. There are 24 tunable slides, ranging from 25 to 22k. The EQ effects feel very natural and there are lots of options and customized choices available. I usually don’t use EQs but the quality seems to be good as Cowon Jet Effects.  


Wireless and Bluetooth

The U6 supports Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) as well as Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluetooth works well as it should be and so does the Wi-Fi, though the customized Android environment doesn’t allow much to do with the Wi-Fi feature (internet, streaming, etc.) other than downloading software updates.  




The U6 runs on Android adopted with Ultron Pure Audio. The booting speed is mediocre, nothing exceptional but not particularly slow. The UI is pretty straight forward and with snappy response speed.

Tracks can be listed by song, artists, and album along with the file explorer and search by their name. Swiping down from the top brings various options to change the brightness, wireless status, output modes, system settings, etc. Swiping up from the bottom also brings specific audio settings like EQ, timer, gain controls, etc. 

A wide volume indicator shows up on the screen when the volume is getting adjusted and users can adjust the volume by the one on the screen as well. Plus, I’ve noticed that Colorfly added a scroll bar for navigating big load of tracks for easily. This is yet to be present on the U8 and hope they would apply this feature on the U8 as well.  



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