Oriolus Isabellae Review: Modernly Melodious

Oriolus Isabellae Review: Modernly Melodious

If you’re an IEM enthusiast, Oriolus is a brand that is hard to be unheard of. They’ve been in the in-ear industry for quite some time producing quality IEMs ranging from budget to ultra-high-end models. We’ve reviewed the most affordable product Oriolus Finschi before and recently dealt with Oriolus Traillii JP and Traillii Ti. The Traillii series is truly a summit-fi level IEM, yet it’s also true that they are extremely demanding in pricing. Let’s now talk about one of Oriolus IEMs that are within the more accessible price range. Today we have Oriolus Isabellae, the mid-range tier IEM sitting below the summit-fi, end-game models.


The Packaging

Isabellae comes in with a neat, compact box. Once removing the silvery sleeve reveal the packaging box. Isabellae comes with 4 pairs of single-flanged silicone tips, 1 pair of double-flanged silicone tips, 2 pairs of foam tips, a cleaning tool, a cable clip, and a warranty card. Isabellae isn’t included with a carrying case which is a bit of a downside. The eartips are made in good quality with good variation in sizes. The cable clip allows the cable to stay attached to your shirt, preventing the cables from dangling around or causing possible microphonics.


Earpieces: Inertial Dynamic Driver

Isabellae uses a single proprietary 9.8mm dynamic driver but not just any dynamic driver. Oriolus claims to be using an “inertial” driver, combining Japanese Daikoku CCAW coils and metallic enclosure with a specific magnetic installation.

Oriolus claims Isabellae’s structural tuning allows the IEMs to achieve high sensitivity and perform consistently throughout different sources. The earpieces are made of resin with a transparent amber color. The faceplates are topped with copper plates to give Isabellae its unique look. The copper plate has six vent holes around the Oriolus emblem to relieve the ear pressure.


As other Oriolus IEMs tend to be, Isabellae has a relatively large and short nozzle. The fitting is fairly decent. Although it’s not the most snug-fitting IEM since the use of large drivers, Isabellae didn’t cause me problems achieving a secure, comfortable fit. I had to use half-size larger eartips than usual, however. The nozzle diameter is about T500, making it compatible with most eartips, but narrow tips such as Final E-type or SpinFit may need trickier. Isabellae uses standard 0.78mm 2pin connectors.


Stock Cable

The stock cable is made of silver-plated OFC wires finished with fabric shieldings. It’s a very pliable and light material that would barely cause any microphonics or resistance. The wires are braided in a twist form which further reduces the chance of having the cable being caught on to your shirt. The Y-split and connectors on both ends are finished with metal parts. The plug is fixed as a 4.4mm balanced output.


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