Metalure Myst Review: Controlling The Power

Metalure Myst Review: Controlling The Power

Founded by an ex-NuForce engineer, Metalure is a new earphone brand from New York that has gained positive feedback since debuting with its first IEM called the “Wave”. We have previously reviewed the Wave earlier which left us impressed with its powerful technicality and dynamics.


Metalure now presents us with their second IEM product named the “Myst”. The Myst is a 3-driver hybrid earphone with a price of $479, being a lower-priced model than Wave. It’s time for us to find out how Myst sounds and competes with its older brother. In the end, we will also evaluate if it’s worth the purchase. Let’s take a look.      


Inside the Packaging

For this review, we unfortunately don’t have the original box or package for Myst. Instead, we’ll jump right in for the accessories. Metalure Myst comes with a stock cable, 2 extra modular plugs, a leather case, a leather cable tie, 3 pairs of silicone eartips, and an earpiece holder. Myst comes with all the necessary including for using an IEM and the quality of these accessories feels nice and premium. While the stock tips serve well for Myst, it still would’ve been better to be provided with more eartip options.  


Triple Driver Earpieces

Myst is a 2BA+1DD hybrid earphone that is applied with proprietary technologies. The 10mm DLC (Diamond-like carbon) dynamic driver covers the bass while the custom dual BAs handle the upper frequencies. To bind these drivers, Metalure adopted a 2-way “Zero Phase Error Circuit” that allows a seamless and consistent sound – which we’ll be discussing in the sound impressions soon. 


The earpieces are made of aluminum-magnesium alloys and are coated with a dark blue color which gives a nice modern look. The nozzles are made of gold-coated brass which is another essential element for creating the sound signature of Myst. Myst uses standard non-recessed 0.78mm 2pin connectors. 


PVRT Technology

The shape and material of Myst’s internal cavity are specifically designed to achieve its sound. Metalure for the first time used the PVRT (Pressure and Vibration Reduction Conduit) design. Inspired by a speaker’s cavity design, PVRT is a rear air chamber structure with an irregular polygonal shape that controls unwanted distortion, pressure, and resonance.   


Modular Cable

The Stock cable is made of 8-braided hybrid cable that consists of OFC and OCC wires. The wires are very light and pliable than most custom cables which allows easy usage and handling. It doesn’t cause microphonics either. The components are made of lightweight metal and give a sturdy feel and touch. The stock cable has a modular system and is provided with 3 connectors by default, consisting of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and a 4.4mm modular plug. The plugs are lightweight and compact enough that make the usage as comfortable as a normal cable.      


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