Ego Audio Sake Review – Gentle cheerfulness


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Ego Audio Sake – Gentle Cheerfulness

-8 braided SPC OCC Copper (27.5 AWG)

-Priced for approx. $240

If you’re more into brighter sounding cables with shiny textures, Sake is a good one to look for. This one has the brightest signature among all five however still keeps a good balance with moist textures. This one suits well with warm, bass-heavy IEMs and will brighten up the upper-frequency details in a careful manner.

The all-white look on the cable gives a classic yet a very premium look to the IEM setup.  Reminds me of Effect Audio Cleopatra that recently came up. I have said that Sake is the brightest sounding cable among the family, though Sake isn’t just all into brightness. All Ego cables keep their boundaries and Sake is no exception. This change in brightness is brought in a natural, mild manner which would suit many IEM types and sound signatures.



Matching comparisons

Rhapsodio Orla: Due to its dark and bass-heavy nature, Orla requires either SPC or PS cables for achieving a pleasant sound. Probably the most cable-demanding one among the IEMs referred in this article. The strikes and decays get faster with denser reverbs. The mids will also brighter with clearer, stronger sparkles and snares. The treble shows improvement in clarity with more air on the upper-ends. 

Moondrop A8: Sake brings a very natural improvement on the A8. Mids take a small step forward with a clearer presentation. Trebles visibly show improvement in resolution with strikes that are faster and harder. What I really like with this combination is that A8 won’t lose any bass quantity or detail while achieving these improvements.  

Shozy Pola: Pola is a deep sounding IEM requiring balanced output and bright cables to achieve the best sound. I’ve tried several pure silver and SPC cables to brighten the sound, though I’ve noticed the upper mids would be overdone, sharpening the sibilance section a bit too much or make the lower ends lack body. Sake maintains the overall characteristics but with cleaner bass, clearer mids, and crisper highs. Vocals show better separation from the bass and overall much more pleasant to listen. Going for a 2.5mm balanced out instead of 3.5mm unbalanced definitely helps the vocals to gain more dynamics too, of course. 



Comments for Sake

Sake is a versatile cable as much as Beer, working nicely with IEMs with any driver types – BA, DD, planar, etc. It pulls out the upper-frequency details and clarity while keeping the sound characteristics all familiar and original – which I think it’s the best part of this cable. Tonality, staging, and bass quantity all stays intact with the IEM’s original sound. Sake would be a great solution when you’re looking for a bright sounding cable but found pure silver cables to be altering the bass and tonality a bit too much.




PW Audio cables are mostly into staging-centric, weight-centric sound while Ego Audio is more into a speedy, brighter signature. These cables are very well made and definitely one of my most favorite brands that I’m looking forward to their future. I’m confident enough to say that should be a matter of time until Ego Audio goes popular just like any other major cable brands. 



Thanks to Ego Audio for providing the cables in exchange for an honest impression/feedback. 

I am not affiliated with Ego Audio and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.

Ego Audio Sake
PW-level quality cable
Reasonable price
Crispy, shiny, and sparkling upper frequencies without losing the bass
Solid build quality and premium looks
Includes a soft pouch
Lacks brand info/distributors
Could include a cable tie
Not meant for making the sound warmer