Ego Audio Whiskey Review: Sober from Beer


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Ego Audio Whiskey Review – Sober from Beer

-4 woven braided OCC Copper with fiber cores (23AWG)

-Priced for approx. $315

Whiskey is the only 4-braided cable from the family however with the thickest cores. Each braid is woven with multiple super-thin fiber cores, resulting in a crystal-like texture to the cable. While all Ego cables have small price gaps, Whiskey still is the big brother from the current line-up as well as a direct upgrade from Beer.

It thoroughly respects the original state of the sound just like Beer does, though this one knows very well how to pull out all those depths and hidden low-end details out from your IEMs. This would slightly increase the bass quantity but nothing drastic. Starting from the ultra-lows, the bass would get visibly darker and thicker in density. This change happens without breaking the overall balance or mudding the upper frequencies, making Whiskey a good method to boost your IEM’s bass performance.



Matching comparisons

Hifiman RE2000 Gold: Bolder sound ray as well as noticeable differences in stage size and clarity. Depth and texture details gain large improvement. Bass also shows much darker and deeper reproduction while mids stay almost identical in tonality as the default cable. The treble details get much crispier with clearer sparkles. I’m very happy with RE2000’s improvement as it gets paired with Whiskey. The depth and soundstage are uncomparably better compared to the stock cable.

IMR R1 Zenith: While Zenith’s two different drivers blend in nicely, the hybrid drivers occasionally show “sense of difference” on some tracks in tonality. This usually happens on the upper mids and Whiskey makes these two drivers have a seamless combination, making the overall sound more harmonic. The bass saturation also feels to be increased with a clearer presentation.

FAudio Major: Whiskey perfectly follows the same signature and characteristics Major originally had with its stock cable (Black Sprite), but now much sweeter and clearer on the mids. Mids also get slightly closer to the ears with the bass showing clearer presentation, making the sound more exciting and engaging. The trebles get slightly crunchier and the dynamics also feel more lively and realistic. I’m confident enough to call that it feels like peeling off a thin sheet of fabric that has been covering the sound. 



Comments for Whiskey

I’d say Whiskey’s biggest difference from Beer would be the background presentation. Beer barely alters anything from the background while Whiskey makes the background pitch-black and makes me focus more on the sound itself. Whiskey works great with almost all kinds and types of IEMs.

It works fine with DD, BA, and many others and my best recommendation would be to match these with DD IEMs. BA IEMs match well just as good, though I personally think these to show the sweetest matching when paired with DD IEMs. Whiskey can handle bass-heavy IEMs too as it doesn’t sacrifice the upper-frequency sparkles and details. 


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Ego Audio Whiskey
PW-level quality cable
Reasonable price
Lush, deep, and solemn tone
Solid build quality and premium looks
Includes a soft pouch
Lacks brand info/distributors
Could include a cable tie
Not meant for darkening the upper frequencies