Ego Audio Tequila Review: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee


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Ego Audio Tequila Review – Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee

-8 braided Ultra Purity OCC Copper (27.5 AWG)

-Priced for approx. $265

Tequila is such a gorgeous looking cable. It has an alluring color scheme, a purple-ish navy blue color and makes your IEM look fascinating. Probably one of the most attractive looking cables I’ve seen in a while. While Tequila much improves the aesthetics of your setup, the sound is what truly makes Tequila more attractive even more than its looks.

I was mildly surprised to find out Tequila to be a pure copper cable instead of SPC or other hybrids. Tequila tends not to alter with the quantity from a specific frequency or the tonality but enriches the sound in a way that it would feel more neat and organized. It shows a smoother sound flow while mildly adding crispy and crunchy bits to the sound.



Matching comparisons

Dita Audio Fidelity: Vocals take a small step forward with a soothing taste applied to it. Lows and highs approach in a calmer manner while keeping all original characteristics intact. Along with that, the background gets slightly darker and shines the spotlight on the vocals. I’d say it’s a very natural way to highlight the mids without sacrificing either quantities or qualities from lows/highs.

Kinera Odin: Provides cleaner, darker background with a crispier treble. Not a huge change, but the overall atmosphere sounds more organized with calmer textures on lows and highs. Worth to call it a direct upgrade from the stock cable as it barely alters the original sound Odin has. Also, the staging is mildly improved due to the darker backgrounded.

Aroma Audio Yao: The overall sound becomes more coherent with refined mids. Lows and highs feel to be increased in concentration, making the sound more vivid and clearer without getting the sound muddy. The treble snares sound calmer and even, resulting in a cleaner sound. 



Comments for Tequila

Nothing close to making the sound dry or harsh, but actually makes the sound more revealing without increasing the brightness. Also, a tiny amount of coloration seems to be added to the sound to enrich the sound within the boundary of keeping the tonality neutral. Tequila brings a sound effect which is similar to adding a pinch of salt to a steak it feels like.


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Ego Audio Tequila
PW-level quality cable
Reasonable price
Clean imaging with a crispy, colorful touch to the sound
Solid build quality and premium looks
Includes a soft pouch
Lacks brand info/distributors
Could include a cable tie
Not meant for smoothing out the sound