Simgot Roselle EM5 Review: Thoroughly trendy

Simgot Roselle EM5: Thoroughly trendy

Simgot is a young Chinese brand that has been showing some lively activities since the beginning. Their first model, EN700, gained a decent amount of attention for its unique looks and started to quickly bloom the brand with the upgraded model, EN700 Pro. Now they’ve pursued further with their new EM series – EM5 being the highest model so far. Let’s see how it lives up to the flagship title as well as about its sound signature.



The packaging is neat, simple, and packed with accessories. Other than the earpieces, EM5 comes with a 3.5mm stock cable, 3 pairs of eartip type 1, 3 pairs of eartip type 2, leather case, and some paper works. The leather case feels nice and has an inner mesh for storing small accessories or eartips. The only small complaint I’d like to make is that the packaging would have looked even better if there was some design added to it. Both the outer box and the inner one are just plain black without any decors. 



Simgot has always been doing a good job with their designs. Shells are made of plastic but built solid and nicely designed, so it doesn’t look cheap at all. Nozzles and faceplates are made of metal and give a bit of premium feeling to touch. The earpieces have a compact size and the transparent shell packed with multiple drivers give a techie feel. Nozzle length is just about average, though the diameter seems to be around T500-T600 which is a bit thick. These are also detachable and use 0.78mm 2pin sockets, however they are extruded, unlike the usual ones.



To clarify from the get-go, the extruded 2pin sockets won’t have any compatibility issue with the ordinary cables. However, the 2pin connectors will be more vulnerable as well as slightly weaker attachment with the earpiece. The 2pin sockets on the original cable are dented, giving some extra grip and durability to the connectors. Should be good news if you’re sticking with the stock cable, but not much for me as I always enjoy pairing up IEMs with various cables.



Sound impressions: Lows & Mids

EM5 aims for a delicate, fresh sound signature – means that the bass feels transparent but doesn’t highlight much quantity. Although bass takes a small step back from mids but still keeps its existence prominent. Ultra lows are mediocre with average texture and extensions. This isn’t a bass heavy IEM so this was somewhat obvious, but EM5 does a decent job revealing low-end details and definitely up to par, to say the least. The sub-bass is chewy and has a pretty nice punch to it. It decays with an appropriate amount of reverbs, keeping the sound quite neat. The quantity should be just about right if you’re into flat or slightly V-shaped signatures.

EM5 has a sound that resembles me of sweets and desserts. While manufacturers like Sennheiser or Etymotic strictly head for a rather plain, old-school type of sound, EM5 rather goes for a more colorful and trendy sound. This is something that appears more distinctive on the vocals. The slight coloring on the mid works as a grain of salt, making the sound a whole lot enjoyable and sweeter. I’m quite picky when it comes to tonality and EM5 still managed to keep the tonality up to standard. Not the most reference sound if you’re into “plain water-like” sound but I’m positive that most will find this unique touch of coloring exciting and addicting. Sibilance is smoothed out very nicely without noticeable peaks while keeping a very silky texture throughout the mid frequency. One of the most smooth and silky sounds I’ve heard.   


Sound impressions: Highs, etc.

The silky texture from the mids continues on the highs as well. Trebles are similarly positioned with the mids but lesser in quantity, providing the small details while not causing ear fatigue. It feels pretty close to the ears and has a well tamed, bubbly texture. The reverbs on the treble are decently controlled and maintains the clean atmosphere. I much liked listening into the treble from the EM5 as it does an awesome job presenting the highly refined treble textures.  Due to all these characteristics, the headroom on these is just about average. Definitely not falling behind, but separation is another part that this IEM does nicely as it’s more focused on tuning into the details up close and personal. 



Simgot seems to be carefully building up their product line up and done a nice job with this one too. EM5 aims for a silky, twinkly sound signature that is perfectly optimized for modern music. Both quality and cost-performance ratio meet the high standard just as they’ve shown with their entry models – while this one is a whole lot better in sound, of course. EM5 is a solid performer and will be hard to go wrong if you’re into a sweet, trendy type of sound.



Simgot EM5 has been purchased by myself. 

I am not affiliated with Simgot and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.

Simgot Roselle EM5
Delicate and trendy sound
Eye candy design
Quality stock cable
0.78mm yet extruded 2pin sockets
Nozzles are somewhat thick
Cable strand gets a bit loosen