Satin Audio Theia Review: Fun and original

Satin Audio Theia Review: Fun and original

As a hybrid model of Gaia and Hyperion, Theia sports a combination of 7N OCC Pure Copper Litz with OCC SPC Litz cable with a thickness of 28AWG and a Type 2 construction. I’d say Theia enriches the flavor and the dynamics while keeping intact with the original tonality. Another interesting part is that Theia possesses both of each characteristic from Gaia and Hyperion. The lower ends get mildly warmer and bolder while the upper ends get mildly brighter, presenting quite a fun sound but only for a proper amount.



Matching comparisons

Dunu Falcon-C

The atmosphere feels more moist and tender. Mids are smoother, softer, and better refined. The bits of grains that I felt from the texture are no longer present, unlike the stock cable. Vocals show a more relaxed and comfortable presentation. The staging size has mildly increased with a visibly darker and quieter background. Lower mids gains more body as well as the timbre getting more neutral. The bass thuds feel larger, deeper, and heavier that works like a support fixture for the entire sound.



Campfire Audio Orion

Compared to the stock cable, The sound gets fuller with thicker. The bass becomes darker and gains more weight, gently supplementing the bass but not drastically. It’s just about the right amount that gives more body while not messing up the timbre. Along with that, the background is darker and cleaner but possesses a good amount of airiness and freshness. The verbs on the mids are also a bit decreased and show tighter expression.




While keeping the original atmosphere and signature, the timbre becomes more lively and up-close. Mids sound more coherent and visibly sweeter, adding fun and charm to the vocals. The overall sound simply feels more harmonic and well-blended in together. The bass grooves and ultra-lows become cleaner while shining the upper frequencies with a good crisp. Much more premium and fancy-sounding compared to the stock cable. One of my most favorite matching with Theia.




Having both of each element from Gaïa and Hyperion, Theia pursues a new path in characteristics with a performance that is just as stellar as the other Titan Series. Hybrid cables could often be sounding a little odd in tonality once they’re paired with a single driver IEM, yet Theia manages to spice up the tone with vibrant textures while keeping the tonality neutral. All three are equally priced and their performances are in the same good league, eventually all coming down to preferences and characteristics. Theia is an exciting and charming sounding cable that boosts the fun into a subtle IEM without overdoing, making it ideal for those who want to highlight the v-shaped sound signature a little more without degrading the vocals. 



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Thanks to Satin Audio for providing Theia for an honest feedback/review.

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Satin Audio Theia
Well-balanced, bold lows and pure mid/highs
Soft, light, and comfortable
Quality pouch and cable tietie
Impeccable cost-efficiency
Y-split could be thinner for a more seamless look