Oriveti OH700VB Review: Clean Bass Machine

Oriveti OH700VB Review: Clean Bass Machine

Although there are too many earphone brands I like, Oriveti is one of those I’ve been appreciating since the earlier days of my audiophile hobby. Oriveti is an IEM/cable manufacturer that debuted with the Primacy and has been releasing well-appreciated IEMs such as OH300, OH500, and the pre-flagship OV800.


Oriveti recently released a new family of earphone products varying in pricing, from affordable to flagship level. By flagship level, I’m referring to the OH700VB – a 6BA+1DD hybrid earphone. Let’s dive into the review and find how it sounds and compares. 


Packaging & Accessories

Oriveti OH700VB comes in a clean packaging box with graphics that resemble the theme of the earphone design. Other than the earphones, the package offers 3 sets of modular plugs, 3 pairs of wide bore tips, 3 pairs of narrow bore tips, 3 pairs of silicone tips, a carrying case, and a cleaning tool. The included case is made of genuine leather with smooth padding on the inside with the right size that would appropriately fit the earphones.       


Earpieces: 7-Driver Hybrid Engines

The OH700VB is a seven-driver hybrid IEM using 6BA drivers for mid-highs (4 mid / 2 high) and a 10mm dynamic driver for the lows. The earpieces have a deep purple resin body with wooden faceplates, which gives a premium look that isn’t overdone. Purple color with wooden faceplates may be unusual yet the color matching works surprisingly well. The connectors are finished with flush 2pin sockets. 


For the wearing experience, the earpieces have some thickness but don’t extrude much or degrade the wearing experience. The nozzles are made of metal with divided sound bores for cleaner sound reproduction. The OH700VB also features a tuning switch on the faceplate that allows for choosing between two tunings.



Faceplate Tuning Switch

The tuning mainly works as a bass enhancer that boosts the low-mid thickness and quantity, providing a fuller and heavier bass punch. Oriveti made the switch to be easily switched on and off without using tools, yet the downside is that the switch sticks out the faceplate quite a lot.


While I suspect those who use these earphones will handle these with care since it being a resin earphones as well as the price tag, the earpieces require additional care for storage as the switches are easier to break. I rather prefer the smaller concave switches that are tuned with tools than the extruded switches for both aesthetics and durability. Nevertheless, these switches will remain fine as long as they’re well cared for.   


Modular Stock Cable

The stock cable is versatile in usability. Apart from the wires being very light and soft, Oriveti offers three modular plugs that can be swapped to 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm. The plugs are light in weight and have a wooden finish on the surface that matches nicely with the earpiece design. The stock cable is comprised of 8 wires with standard 2pin connectors.  


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