Han Sound Solar Ray Review – Gentle sunshine

Solar Ray – Gentle sunshine

If the fascinating blue looks from the Muse II hasn’t impressed you enough, then Solar Ray might be something that would catch your eyes. This mildly light gold color scheme completes the IEM set with a very luxurious and classy looking. The cables strands on the Solar Ray looks like straight off dragon scale. Solar Ray is made of gold-plated silver+copper hybrid cables with a retail price of approx. $450, sitting right above Muse II.



Matching comparisons

Campfire Audio Dorado – Solar Ray gives a bit of relaxation to the intense, up-close mids from Dorado. It also nicely warms up the atmosphere, making the overall sound comfortable and smoother to listen. Both the lows and mids won’t loosen up and possess a neat amount of tightness. A small amount of bass reverbs are applied, making the bass fuller and replenishing Dorado’s rather passive attitude on the lows. 


HUM Pristine – The sound gains a gradual approach to getting warm while keeping all the sweetness from the original, unique “Pristine sound”. Still keeps the upper frequencies fluffy and tinkly but with a lower center of gravity and better stability overall. Keeping the original characteristics but with a warmer brightness will be very ideal for those are looking for more comfortable, lower-centered sound from the Pristine. 


FAudio PassionPassion is a great performer for the price, but the bass is somewhat on the lighter side. Solar ray barely alters with the bass tightness or tonality, however visibly improved in bass reproduction, depth, and darkness. The ultra-lows show the biggest improvement and nicely fills up the weak spot Passion used to have. This combo could probably catch up right behind FAudio Major, the flagship 1DD model. The staging and background are much darker, bold, and clearer. Mids get slightly dimmed and calmer, but only a minor difference that I could barely catch.



Tight sound despite it being warm and gold-based

Turns out not only the aesthetics appear to be “Solar Ray” but also the sound. Gold-based cables are not so easy to tune as it easily overpowers the sound with excessive reverbs and warmth, but Solar Ray does a very good job keeping the sound highly controlled and soaking in the sound with all those sweetness.


I found this cable to be working equally good on both DD and BA IEMs, showing a stable and consistent matching to a majority of IEMs and driver types. This one is going to be a great choice for those who are looking to add body and depth to the bass, without killing the upper frequencies or the tightness. Solar Ray is also going to be a neat solution if you’re looking to calm down your bright, shivery trebles.  


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Han Sound Audio Solar Ray
Sweet, warm sounding signature with accurate timbre
Gorgeous scale-like cable strands
Soft and microphonics-free
Could include a soft pouch
Lack of distributors