Han Sound Audio Kimera – Tribrid magic

Han Sound Audio Kimera – Tribrid magic

Now it’s time to talk about one of the few flagship models from Han Sound, the Kimera. Kimera is configurated in a very complex tribrid setup, having a combination of gold-plated silver-gold alloy, OCC Silver, and OCC Copper (23 AWG). Simply creating two material hybrid cables are already tricky, so apparently creating a cable with more than two materials is no easy task. Kimera is retailed for approx. $1039, standing shoulder to shoulder with most flagship cables on the market.



Matching comparisons

Campfire Audio Solaris – Overall much more color tastier mids. Kimera presents a better layering and musicality, enhancing a stronger 3D-effect yet keeping the sound coherent enough. Highs gain more space for air, increasing the headroom size upwards with more transparency. The background also feels darker and cleaner. Vocals gain a very mild amount of color to its tonality, however sounds very natural despite Kimera’s cable material. The tone is still on-point and hard to find any moment for the mids to be distorted or artificial. Solaris paired with Kimera results in a much more rich, limpid, and very musical sound.


FAudio Major – Bass becomes more delicate and clean in both presentation and resolution. Upper frequencies gain significant improvements in terms of clarity and transparency, providing a closer, airy environment. Mids provide a bold, crunchy bite to it and becomes slightly brighter. The tonality gains some sweetness and freshness, making the vocals sound more exciting and lively.


Noble Audio Katana – As most Noble IEMs are, the stock cable doesn’t bring out the best from the Katana and Kimera is going to be a stunning match with them. Kimera manages to fully add body to the sound, making the bass more visible, bolder, and darker. Mids are more coherent, colorful, and shows an even flow throughout the mid-range. It also gains a mild amount of body, just enough to reduce any metallic hiss that we often find from typical full-BA IEMs but not to the point where it degrades the shiny and airy mids. In fact, it actually makes the upper mids and highs even more transparent and airy, making the overall sound very rich and provides an open-field staging.



Tribrid, but amazingly natural

Kimera thoroughly suggests a way how to present a highly rich and color sound in a classy way – seriously, the tonality and the characteristics of this cable itself already feel premium without counting in the placebo effect from its price. It’s like pouring a huge bucket of shininess and radiant colors to the sound while keeping the IEM’s intended sound signature. Kimera works well with various driver types (DD, BA, etc.) and is most likely going to be the best choice if you’re looking to spice up the fun from your IEM. 



Thanks to Han Sound Audio for providing the cables for an honest feedback/review.

I am not affiliated with Han Sound Audio and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.

Han Sound Audio Kimera
Significantly advanced richness and colorful sparkles
Tribrid setup yet very effective
Soft and microphonics-free
Could include a soft pouch
Lack of distributors