Binary Acoustics Chopin Review: Fine Fusion

Binary Acoustics Chopin Review: Fine Fusion

Today we bring to you an IEM that is stirring up the budget chi-fi earphone market – the Binary Acoustics Chopin. Although the brand may be unheard of for most people, Binary Acoustics is not too much of a new brand. To my knowledge, they’ve been in the game for several years now with around 7-8 products released until now. Although I’ve been aware of the brand for a while now, this is indeed my first time getting in hands with their IEMs.


Chopin is their official international model, which is why most haven’t heard of this brand before. However, just like the positive comments are being heard nowadays, Chopin is not an average IEM to be overlooked. Let’s see how this one responds as we bring it to the test. Chopin is available from HiFiGo and priced at $199.



Packaging / Accessories

Chopin comes in with a neatly designed box. Sliding the lid open reveals the including which are the carrying case, the earphones, 3 pairs of silicone eartips, 3 pairs of SoftEars UC eartips, 1 pair of SoftEars earpiece pouch, a cleaning tool, and paperwork. It’s a decent presentation and accessories that kept things simplistic yet neat.



Earpiece / Cable

Chopin is a 4-driver IEM that involves 1DD+3BA drivers per side. The proprietary 8mm ceramic driver, which covers the low-frequencies, is carefully optimized with ventilation and cavity shape to produce a harmonic timbre with the BA drivers. The 3BA drivers are also custom, comprised of a BA driver for the mid-range and a double BA driver for the treble frequencies.


The cable options are available in either 3.5mm or 4.4mm. The wires are made with high-purity OFC silver-plated wires that desire better sound transmission and lower distortion. Cables are very light and soft to the feel, keeping the user experience free from microphonics.


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