At a glance – IEM shoot out

At a glance – IEM shoot out

Read this before you proceed.

     First off, I don’t really like portraying IEM performances as ranks or charts, as any impressions or reviews written by anyone are always influenced by their personal taste – which means it could never be 100% accurate. Despite that, the ranking charts I’ve seen before still felt to be quite subjective, and wanted to present a ranking chart that I’d be happy with. Again, nobody could create a truly objective chart, including mine as well.


     This chart would be more about reflecting my satisfaction level after considering the price, performance, and worthiness for the cost – means that just because a cheaper model is placed higher than a pricey one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s technically superior. I’ve also tried to rule out my personal preferences as much as possible. Everyone has different thoughts on any product and the same applies to the below charts, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, keep in mind that the scores here are not compatible with the scores given in the reviews. 


Again, this is my personal satisfaction chart, NOT just sonic performance.

Therefore, the scores here are not compatible with the scores given in the reviews.


Total of 369 items

  • Updated in August 30th, 2023 
  • Newly added items: Rhapsodio Supreme V3 / Supreme V2 / Infinity Ultra / Infinity Plus, Oriolus Traillii Titanium, Noble Audio DXII / Kublai Khan / Kadence / M3, CA Trifecta, ORB CF-IEM, IKKO OH2, Astrotec AM850 MK2, 7Hz Eternal, Nostalgia Audio Camelot / Tesseract, Hifiman Svanar, UM Mason FS, Mest MK1, Mest MK2, Mest MK3, Dita Audio Perpetua, SoftEars Cerberus / RS10 / Turii Ti, AK Zero 1 / Zero 2, Plussound Allegro, Moondrop Solis II
  • To be added soon: much more.  


Rhapsodio Supreme V3 [9.9]

Oriolus Traillii Titanium [9.9]

QDC Blue Dragon [9.7]

Oriolus Traillii [9.7]

Campfire Audio Trifecta [9.7]

Rhapsodio Infinity Ultra [9.7]

Rhapsodio Infinity Plus [9.7]

Dita Audio Perpetua [9.7]

Unique Melody Mason FS [9.7]

Moondrop Solis II [9.7]

Plussound Allegro [9.7]

MMR Thummim [9.6]

SoftEars Turii Ti [9.6]

MMR Balmung [9.6]

Nostalgia Audio Camelot [9.6]

Nostalgia Audio Tesseract [9.6]

Dita Audio Dream XLS [9.6]

HYLA Nerva-X [9.6]

Oriolus Mellianus [9.6]

Unique Melody Mest MK3 [9.6]

Aroma Audio Ace [9.6]

Rhapsodio Infinity MK2 [9.6] 

Campfire Audio Solaris: Stellar Horizon [9.6]

Light Harmonic Oscar XXI [9.6]

Noble Audio Kublai Khan [9.6]

SoftEars Cerberus [9.6] 

SoftEars RS10 [9.6]

MMR Homunculus [9.5]

Rhapsodio Supreme V1 [9.5]

Rhapsodio Supreme V2 [9.5]

JVC Victor FW-10000 [9.5]

Final Audio Design A8000 [9.5]

Dunu Luna [9.5]

Hifiman Svanar [9.5]

Rhapsodio Bomber MK2 [9.5] 

Technics EAH-TZ700 [9.5]

Unique Melody Maven [9.5]

SoftEars Turii [9.5] 

Astrotec Phoenix 6 [9.5] 

Oriolus Percivali [9.5]

Fidue Artemis [9.5]

Campfire Audio Ara [9.5]

Campfire Audio Solaris LE [9.5]

Campfire Audio Solaris [9.5]

Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 [9.5]

Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold LE [9.5]

Craft Ears Aurum [9.5]

Audeze LCDi4 [9.5]

Rhapsodio Eden [9.5]

Dita Audio The Dream [9.5]

64 Audio Tia Fourté [9.5]

Faudio Project Y [9.5]

Aroma Audio Yao [9.5]

Unique Melody Mest MK2 [9.5]

Jomo Audio Trinity [9.5]

Noble Audio Khan [9.5]

Noble Audio Katana [9.5]

Noble Audio Kadence [9.5]

Astell & Kern Zero 2 [9.5]

Fearless Audio Lancelot [9.5]


Fearless Audio Roland [9.4]

Noble Audio Kaiser Encore [9.4]

Noble Audio DXII [9.4] 

AAW Nightingale [9.4]

Astell & Kern Zero 1 [9.4]

Aroma Audio Twins [9.4]

Campfire Audio Andromeda MW [9.4]

Aroma Audio Shock [9.4]

Faudio Major [9.4] 

Shozy Pola 39 [9.4]

Astrotec Phoenix [9.4]

MMR Gaebolg [9.4]

Ikko Musikv OH-7 [9.4]

Kinera Imperial Baldr [9.5]

Kinera Imperial Urd [9.4]

Dita Audio Project 71 [9.4]

Sony IER-Z1R [9.4]

Light Harmonic Mera Signature [9.4]

Rhapsodio Zombie [9.4]

Dunu DK-4001 [9.4]

Dunu 17th Anniversary [9.4]

Moondrop Solis [9.4]

Moondrop Illumination [9.4]

Cayin Fantasy [9.4] 

Unique Melody Mason V3 [9.4]

Light Harmonic Stella [9.4]

Lime Ears Aether [9.4]

Oriolus Reborn Limited [9.4]

Nostalgia Audio Benbulbin [9.4]

Sony XJE-MH1/MH2 [9.4]

AAW W900 [9.4]

Rhapsodio Solar [9.4]

Unique Melody Mest [9.4]

FiR Audio VxV [9.3]

Origami Audio Silver [9.3]

NXEars Opera [9.3]

Rhapsodio Infinity [9.3]

Empire Ears Legend X [9.3]

Rhapsodio Extreme [9.3]

AKG N5005 [9.3]

Campfire Audio Atlas [9.3]

FAudio Minor [9.3]

FAudio Chorus [9.3]

Dita Audio Twins (Fidelity / Fealty) [9.3]

Campfire Audio Andromeda [9.3]

Campfire Audio Andromeda S [9.3]

Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020 [9.3]

Campfire Audio Vega 2020 [9.3] 

Campfire Audio Dorado 2020 [9.3]

Earsonics S-EM9 [9.3]

Beyerdynamic Xelento [9.3]

Hifiman RE2000 / RE2000 Silver [9.3]

Acoustune HS1695-Ti [9.3]

Noble Audio Kaiser 10 (K10U) [9.3]

Final Audio Design Piano Fourte VIII [9.3]

Oriolus Reborn / Oriolus 2 [9.3]

Kinera Imperial Skuld [9.3]

Kinera Imperial Norn [9.3]

EM Audio EM8 [9.3]

Lark Studio LSX [9.3]

CTM Da Vinci X [9.3]

Kinera Nanna [9.3]

QOA Mojito [9.3]


Moondrop S8 [9.2]

Metalure Wave [9.2]

Meze Rai Penta [9.2]

Kinera Odin 1.0 [9.2]

CTM Da Vinci IX [9.2]

Audeze iSine 20 [9.2]

Acoustune HS1655-CU [9.2]

Sennheiser IE800s [9.2]

Shure SE846 [9.2]

Dunu EST112 [9.2]

IKKO OH2 [9.2]

Campfire Audio Vega [9.2]

Campfire Audio Equinox [9.2]

Cayin YB04 [9.2]

Shozy Pola [9.2]

Sony IER-M9 [9.2]

Fearless Audio S8F [9.2]

Fearless Audio ACME-8 [9.2]

Moondrop A8 [9.2]

Moondrop Blessing 2 [9.2]

7Hz i-99 [9.2]

Focus Audio Vocal / EDM / Rhythm [9.2]

Astrotec AM850 MK2 [9.2]

Tin HiFi P2 [9.2]

See Audio Bravery [9.2]

Dunu DK-2001 [9.2] 

Westone W80 [9.2]

Stealth Sonics U9 [9.2]

Anew X-One [9.2] 

Unique Melody Mirage [9.2]

HYLA CE-5 [9.2]

HYLA TE-5T [9.2]

HYLA TE-5B [9.2]

Custom Arts Harmony 8.2 [9.2]

HUM Pristine [9.2]

Acoustune HS1670-SS [9.2]

Acoustune HS1650-CU [9.2]

Unique Melody ME.1 [9.2]

Sony IER-M7 [9.2]

Fearless Audio La Hire [9.2]

Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 [9.2]

EM Audio EM6W [9.2]

IMR Acoustics Rah [9.2]

Campfire Audio Jupiter [9.2]

Campfire Audio Polaris V2 [9.2]

Campfire Audio C/2019 Q4 [9.2]


IMR Acoustics R2 Aten [9.1]  

IMR Acoustics R1 Zenith [9.1]

Fidue A91 Sirius [9.1]

Light Harmonic Mera [9.1]

Dunu DK-3001 Pro [9.1]

Astrotec Delphinus 5 LE [9.1]

UFOEAR UFO-112 [9.1]

LZ Hifi Audio LZ-A6 [9.1]

Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS [9.1]

EM Audio EM5 [9.1]

Dita Audio Dita Truth [9.1]

AAW W500 [9.1]

Faudio Passion [9.1]

Advanced GT2 [9.1]

IMR Acoustics R1 [9.1]

Advanced GT4 [9]

Aroma Audio Early [9]

Simgot Roselle EM5 [9]

Acoustune HS1551-CU [9]

Acoustune HS1501-AL [9]

Acoustune HS1503-AL [9]

Moondrop Blessing [9]

BGVP DM7 [9]

Ikko OH-10 [9]

See Audio Yume [9]

NXEars Basso [9]

Dita Audio Answer [9]

Astrotec Volans [9]

FLC Technology FLC8C [9] 

RHA Audio CL1 [9]

Ocharaku Flat 4 [9]

AYA Audio SA-01 [9] 

Final Audio Design Heaven VIII [9]


iBasso Audio IT04W [8.9]

oBravo Cupid [8.9]

Ikko OH1s [8.9] 

Dunu DK-3001 [8.9]

Moondrop KXXS [8.9]

Advanced M5-5D [8.9]

Lear Bamdas 5 [8.9]

TFZ Queen LTD [8.8]

TFZ King Edition [8.8]

Final Audio Design Heaven VII [8.8]

Audiofly AF1120 [8.8]

Sennheiser IE800 [8.8]

BQEYZ Spring 1 [8.8]

Hifiman RE800 [8.8]

QOA Pink Lady [8.8]

JH Audio Tri-Fi [8.8]

Astell & Kern Diana [8.8]

Shure SE535 [8.8]

Campfire Audio Io [8.8]

NXEars Sonata [8.8]

Tin HiFi P1 [8.8]

BGVP DMS [8.8]

Audeze iSine 10 [8.8]

Monoprice M300 [8.8]

Astrotec Delphinus 5 [8.8]

Rhapsodio RDB 2nd [8.8]

Tanchjim Oxygen [8.8]

Advanced Furai [8.8]

TFZ No.3 Ti [8.8]

FLC Technology FLC8S [8.8]

Radius Wn4 [8.8]

Radius Wn3 [8.8]


Rhapsodio Orla [8.7]

Dunu Titan 6 [8.7]

EM Audio EM2 [8.7]

Oriolus Finschi [8.7]

7Hz Eternal [8.7]

Advanced M5-1D [8.7]

Fidue A85 Virgo [8.7]

Cardas Audio A8 [8.7]

Aroma Audio Star [8.7]

Stealth Sonics U2 [8.7]

Stealth Sonics U4 [8.7]

AZLA 01R [8.7]

AZLA 01R MKII [8.7]

Rose BR5 MKII [8.7]

Magaosi K6 [8.7]

Radius Wn0 [8.7]

Dunu DN-2002 [8.7]

Oriveti Primacy / New Primacy [8.7]

Astell & Kern Michelle [8.7]

Plenue X40 [8.7]

RHA T20i [8.7]

Final Audio Design Heaven VI [8.7]


Final Audio Design Heaven V [8.6]

Final Audio Design Heaven V Aging [8.6]

Whizzer A-HE03 Kylin [8.6]

Aya Audio Nightingale YK-1 [8.6]

Simgot EK3 [8.6]

Dunu DM480 [8.6]

TFZ Secret Garden 1 [8.6]

Trinity Audio Icarus III [8.6]

Trinity Audio Master [8.6]

Sennheiser IE80S [8.6]

Acoustune HS1004 [8.6]

Periodic Audio Be [8.6]

AZLA Horizon [8.6]

AZLA Zwei [8.6]

ORB CF-IEM [8.6]

iBasso IT01S [8.6]

Anew U1 [8.6]

Ikko OH1 [8.6]

Kinera Idun Deluxe Limited [8.6]

Moondrop Kanas Pro [8.6]

TFZ King III [8.6]

LZ Audio LZ-A5 [8.6]

Rock it Sounds R-50 [8.6]

Magaosi K5 Bass [8.6]

Dynamic Motion DM200H [8.6]


Tipsy Dunmer Pro [8.5]

Campfire Audio Nova [8.5]

Plenue X30 [8.5]

Astell & Kern Billie Jean [8.5]

Final Audio Design Heaven IV [8.4]

Sennheiser IE80 [8.5]

Sennheiser IE8 [8.5]

Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 [8.5]

Echobox Nomad N1 [8.5]

Simgot EN700 Pro [8.5]

Simgot EM2 [8.5]

TFZ King Pro LTD [8.5]

iBasso IT03 [8.5]

TFZ No.3 [8.5]


1More E1010 Quad Driver [8.4]

Campfire Audio Orion [8.4]

Fidue A81 [8.4]

Advanced GT3 [8.4]

Tipsy Dunmer S [8.4]

Rhapsodio Iris [8.4]

Campfire Audio Comet [8.4]

TFZ King Pro [8.4]

TFZ Tequila A1 [8.4]

Simgot MT3 [8.4]

Dunu Falcon-C [8.4]

Ultimate Ears UE900s [8.4]

Tanchjim Blues [8.4]

Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi [8.4]

Intime Kira [8.4]

Intime Go [8.4]

1More E1008 [8.4]

iBasso IT01 [8.4]

Brainwavz B400 [8.4]

LZ Audio LZ-A4 [8.4]

LZ Audio LZ-A3 [8.4]

Tennmak Orca [8.4]

Massdrop x Mee Audio Planamic IEM [8.4]

Moondrop Kanas [8.4]

Astrotec AM850 [8.4]

Meze 12 Classics [8.4]

Oriolus Fosteni [8.4]


Shozy V33 [8.3]

Simgot EM1 [8.3]

Hifi Boy OSV3 [8.3]

Tanchjim Kora [8.3]

Echobox Finder X1 [8.3]

Radius NX100 [8.3]

Rockjaw Resonate [8.3]

Magaosi X3 [8.3]

Kinera Idun [8.3]

Periodic Audio Ti [8.3]

Periodic Audio Mg [8.3]


AZLA Orta [8.2]

Tenhz P4 Pro [8.2]

Fiio F9 Pro [8.2]

Moondrop Aria [8.2]

Ostry KC06A [8.2]

TFZ Series 7 [8.2] – Hard to recommend; muddy, unorganized, lacks upper frequencies, not worth the price.

TFZ Secret Garden 3 [8.2] – Hard to recommend; far off tonality, spiky upper frequencies, unorganized. 

Alpha & Delta AD01 [8.2]

Shozy Hibiki SE [8.2]

Rose Margaret [8.2]

LZ Audio LZ-A2 [8.2]

LZ Audio LZ-A2S [8.2]

Pai Audio MR3 [8.2]

Final Audio Design Heaven II [8.2]

Ostry KC09 [8.2]

Earnine EN2 [8.2]

Earnine EN210 [8.2]

Dolphinear JDR-100 [8.2]

Magaosi K3 HD [8.2]

Magaosi K3 Pro [8.1]

AAW Q [8.1]

Monoprice Triple XXX [8.1]

Fiio F5 [8.1]

Shure SE215 [8.1]

TFZ Queen [8.1]

TFZ T1s Galaxy [8.1] 

TFZ Exclusive 5 [8.1]

TFZ My Love III [8.1]

TFZ T2 [8.1]

Trinity Audio Vyrus V2 [8.1]

Trinity Audio Sabre [8.1]

Trinity Audio Phantom Master 4 [8.1]

Intime Sora [8.1]

Brainwavz Koel [8.1]

Ucotech IL500 [8.1]

Havi B3 Pro 1 [8.1]

Havi B3 Pro 2 [8.1]

Ocharaku Co-Donguri [8.1]

Rockjaw Alfa Genus V2 [8.1]

Rockjaw Clarito [8.1]

Earnine EN120 [8.1]

Tennmak Cello [8.1]

Shozy Zero [8.1]

Shozy Hibiki [8.1]

Meze 11 Neo [8.1]

Moondrop Cresent [8.1]

Sonicast DIRAC MK2 [8.1]

Sonicast DIRAC Plus MK2 [8.1]

Earnine EN120 [8.1]

Muix IX5000 [8.1]

Fiio F9 [8.1]

Fiio FH1 [8.1]

Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 [8.1]

Macaw GT100s [8.1]


Advanced Elise [8]

Advanced S2000 [8]

Trinity Audio Hyperion [8]

Mee Audio M6 Pro [8]

Advanced Model 3 [8]

Alpha & Delta D2 [8]

Kinera BD005 [8]

Vsonic New VSD3S [8]

Vsonic New VSD3 [8]

NFJ N300 Pro [8]

BGVP YSP04 [8]

Advanced M4 [7.9]

Mee Audio M7 Pro [7.9]

Earnine EN1 [7.6]

Whizzer A15 / A15 Pro [7.6]

Kinera H3 [6.8]

Xiaomi Piston 2.0 [6.8]

Auglamour R8 [6.7]

Auglamour R1s [6.7]

Vsonic New VSD2S [6.5]

Sendy Audio Aiya [6] – Hard to recommend; mids sound completely hollow in the middle with far off tonality 

Noble Audio M3 [6] – I’m struggling to understand with this one. Why Noble? How was this model acceptable to release? 

Xduoo EP1 [4.5] – Hard to recommend; muddy, lack details, not worth the price

Oriveti Basic [4.5] – Hard to recommend; muddy, lack details, not worth the price

Geekwold GK3 [3.5] – Hard to recommend; far off imaging, muddy, unorganized, lacks basics

Considering to purchase list (or re-purchase)

– An extra section just for fun. Listed from most to least attempting.

1. Rhapsodio Infinity Ultra / Infinity Plus – It just has to be both or none.

2. FiR Audio Xenon 6 / Radon 6 – Either one, I loved both. Damn they’re gorgeous. 

3. Plussound Allegro – I loved it when I listened. Still miss it.

4. Moondrop Solis II – I want one. Liked the sound too.

5. Dunu Zen Pro – A dynamic driver lover’s must-have. I need it.  

6. Unique Melody Maven Pro – Still enjoying my Maven so I’m intrigued.

7. HUM Dolores – My beloved HUM Pristine always surprises me with only 2BA. That’s why.  

8. FLC Technology Celete – Simply because it looks cool and so interesting. Not sure if the company is still alive… 

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Hi, it would be great if prices were added (MSRP)


Hi! Amazing amount of work I could see here! Well done! I wonder have you tried Flare audio 2hd? There’re some glorious reviews on them on headfi. Interesting to see where you could put them in your brilliant rating.) Thanks)

Shaiju uppungal

Iam using Iphone 6

World best earphone under 300 dollars


Great List. Any recommendations for under 500 bucks?


Thank you! I mostly listen to bass heavy stuff, HipHop and Triphop. I do love the sound of the Sennheiser IE800

Shaiju uppungal

Hyla ce 5/fearless audio s8f/
IMR accoustic R1/zenith/moondrop A8/western w80/
Which of these is the best ?

Shaiju uppungal

Getting everything involved


Hello. What would you recommend as a step up from fearless audio s8f maybe with bit more bass wider soundstage and more details?
Thank you


I’ve been trying to decide between the Fearless S8F and Moondrop A8, but there are very few reviews out there.

What’s the differences between the two and what sort of person would prefer the S8F over the A8, and vice versa.


Thanks so much for your comment, you’ve helped me finally decide.

Great site and content, by the way!


Relatively new to audiophile community, ive listened to 1more triples (slightly more bass for my taste and sparkly highs, so not for me) , rha ma750 (liked it a lot) , own ath e40 ( absolute favorites- bass is sharp enough and spot on , a little less but fixed easily by eq, warmer sound , highs need a little bit of recessing – now they sound just perfect!!) Looking for an upgrade under 200 dollars – bass rich in quality not a lot of quantity , less warmer, controlled mids and highs.. I’m treble sensitive..; balance between critical listen and casual.. Prefer flat sound , detailed.. Suggestions? I was thinking moon drop kxxs or tin p1 or rha t20?


I use lg v30 for listening.. But unlike many with the phone, i can get the DAC and amp working completely with any earphones..


This is super best list i’ve ever seen bro! So btw thanks you for your last advice, i picked Atlas for my collection and it sounds amazing for edm and hiphop. Next time i wanna add one more like Andromeda, but i’m really so confusing… idk how to pick the original or stainless steel version (specially soundstage). Need your help please?!


Thanks you so much my man, I’m very apreciate for your help! You’re really enthusiam sir, that’s reason why i love ur website so much. Hope your website is well known and well developed in future.


I am shocked as why i haven’t seen this site before… great reviews
Just wanted to know if you could give a comparison between Ikko Oh7 and Ikko Oh10
specially staging..
And was wondering if you could recommend few pairs of iems with exceptionally spacious tall soundstage under 350Usd


Well thanks for the rec..
I thought oh7 would be around 300usd
Still buddy keep up your work you are doing great.. bookmarked your website.
Just a advice if you could explain your scoring system and if you could make a youtube channel that will be great …
Another thing haha could do me a brief comparision between oh10 and tfz no3 ti


Well thank you for that comparision
I would just say doing a great job and just start your own youtube channel


I’m very pleased and thankfull of your huge effort by sharing your own experience (a quite large one) as it is.
I have several iems (Andro, Vega, Comet, Shure 846, R1 Zenith, iSine20, AK Diana, fiio 9pro) and would appreciate your opinion for a possible (or not) and justified audible upgrade.
From what I listen (Jazz, World, fusion, acid jazz, alternative) and what I have I love the Vega’s sound most.
Thank you in advance.


Thank you.
I did thought about the Atlas but I’m a little afraid about not getting a good fixing.
The Comets are smaller and it’s been a pain get then stay in my ears.
I’ll try your other suggestions.


Have you tested the Ultimate Ears CSX/Pro models?


Eh….. can you recommend several products that suitable for me?
I like listening to some heavy bass or some old school music(HipPop)
BTW, your list is amazing!!!!!!


My budget is between 200-300 USD
I can also accept the 2nd-hand earphones.


Could you give me some websites or other things that sell these earphones?? I want to seek more.


And Have you tested the IMR r2 Aten?


Will you test ISN H40?


What´s the best for extremely tiny ears with small ear canals in your opinion? For example Andromeda are border limit and already uncomfortable to me for long sessions.

I listen to a variety of genres ranging from classical, piano, blues, jazz, acoustic singer song writer to Rock, Heavy Metal and EDM.
Barely listen to Hip Hop or Rap.
I appreciate comfort a lot and got a great source (AK1000M) to match it with but size wise, i’m very limited.
Currently I am on Xelento’s with the XS tips but I often get annoyed over the driver flex in my left ear with them. Because even XS tips seal so well, I get driver flex even whilst inserting very slowly at times :>

I was wondering with your extensive knowledge, if you had any top / endgame set to recommend for smaller ears that can be worn for quite some time without discomfort?


Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look into them! Do they have any driver flex like Xelento? I can see they are also DD drivers! I do have pretty tiny outer ears as for example Westone refused to build a higher version than the um pro 30 (3 drivers max) because my ears wouldn’t fit more than 3 drivers comfortably! Andromeda for example fits me but isn’t comfortable at all…

The barrel style looks like a solid option though 🙂


Actually found a really good deal on these so I decided to pull the trigger as I can return them.
Now I just hope they don’t exhibit too much driver flex.
The barrel style should prove comfortable and I’m one of the few users who doesn’t like over ear cables so I’m curious to see!
Not many high end barrel style IEM’s out there.
I previously had a look at Final Audio’s or IE800s by Senheisser but I found final audio a bit boomy and the Senheissers have no detachable cable.

Hoping this will work out!

Thanks a lot!


Just an update on my end.
In the meanwhile my Technics EAH-TZ700 have arrived.
I wish to thank you for the recommendation as it’s spot on.
It fits very comfortably (even on longer sessions) and the sound is really lush I guess? No fatigue, no boomy bass overpowering everything, no metallic / harsh treble.
Overall zero fatigue and they are a bliss to wear.
If I had to mention one con, it’s the fact that the cable is slightly microphonic but I honestly don’t care so much about that as I use them mostly at my desk or in bed.

Previous to this suggestion, I hadn’t even heard of this IEM.
I think they are absolutely beautiful and fit me to the T.


Hi! Thanks for sharing all this fantastic information. I have a question. I’m looking for a new Chinese IEM all the way down in the $100 range. Seen quite a few recommendations for the Moondrop Starfield lately. Have you had a chance to try them? I’m also thinking about the Moondrop KXXS. In the same price range I noticed you‘ve listed the TFZ Queen Ltd with a decent rating. Sadly, I can’t find any other reviews on them. If you have a chance, could you offer a few words about what you liked about that pair? Thanks for any help and really love your site.


Hey again! No worries on the late response, I just appreciate you taking the time to offer input. Well, you’ve inspired me. I’m going to try the Queen LTD! I love the idea of a slightly more lively KXXS sound signature. Plus, I can save a bit of money over the Moondrops. It’s a win-win!

Thanks yet again for making this website and getting in touch with all of us in the comments. It really makes deciding on a new pair that much easier. Take care!


Would you say that the TFZ Queen LTD has better sub-bass and bass than the Starfield?


Thanks for the quick reply! When you say better do you mean by quantity or quality? I’m coming from a TRN V90, and would like to improve on bass quality, vocals and naturalness (V90 feels overly energetic without coherence, and I am pretty sibilance sensitive), whilst still keeping similar levels of bass quantity. I was torn between the Starfrield and Spring 1 until I read your comment that said KXXS has more bass than Spring 1. Would the Queen LTD have any issues with sibilance?

I’m guessing I’m just looking for a Moondrop type sound signature, but just a tad more bass quality & quantity (less boomy with with a tad more slam). Cheers again!


It does, thanks for the advice and cheers!






Maybe one to put on the radar is Dunu’s new flagship Luna?
Curious how it would compare to the tz700.
Overall still very happy with it 🙂 just considering a cable Like dunu’s with variable 2.5 or 3.5 connection that doesn’t have microphonics as I prefer cable down with tz700!


One of the best sound signatures I still enjoy are headphones though:
Budget: AKG K371
High-End: ZMF Verite Closed

I’ve not yet found an IEM that comes close to the sonic performance of those. Tz700 aren’t bad at all for now but ideally those would be my end game in iem mode 😀


Thanks for all the work here.

Looking to jump into the $500-$700 game.

Two favorite tunings are neutral (JVC HA-FDX1) and Harmon (Starfield).

Anything going to beat the Moondrop S8 here? Haven’t found a BA IEM Ive loved but I imagine at this level the game changes?

Thanks again,




Very good list, you did a quite good work!

I own a pair of Westone W80 and I have the opportunity to get my hands on a pair of Dunu 17th Anniversary. How do they compare sonically and in terms of airyness/soundstage? From your ears, is it a downgrade/upgrade/sidegrade from the W80? I mostly look for an airy, spacious sound and natural timbre…



Thanks a lot!
Let me know if you have a chance to listen again to the W80. It will be very helpful for me…


Which one would be better between Dunu Titan 6, Dunu Falcon-C, Alpha&Delta KS3, Moondrop Starfield and Ibasso it01? Assuming they are all priced the same. I’m looking for a Warm and Smooth sound signature. Or being closing Kinda like Yamaha EPH-100 or BLON-03. Also comfortable enough and non-fatiguing for long listening sessions and has good build quality.


Hey man, really appreciate the list and wondering if you can help me decide on my next pair of iems. The only headphones I currently own are the AKG Y50, Sony WH-1000XM3, and iem’s are the BLON-03. I am currently looking at the IMR R2’s (aten vs red) and not sure which to get. My source will be a Sony NW-A45 (modded to NW-ZX300). I am also thinking of picking up an Ibasso DX160 to compliment the iems better.

I’ve never listed to an open backed designed headphone or iem so I don’t know if it sounds better or not. My audio preferences lean towards Pink Floyd, Tom Mayer, Joe Satriani, Metallica, Depeche Mode if that helps.


Hello. Thank you so much for your wonderful website and for taking the time to help out with specific questions.
I listen to mostly epic orchestral music (Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell, X-Ray Dog, Brand X, Immediate Music, etc) that needs a very solid base foundation but without missing out on the mids and highs.
The IEM I mostly use nowadays is the IMR R2 Red (with black nozzle and blue filter) which sounds great, but I was wondering if there’s any IEM that has a similar amount of power in the bass and sub-bass but faster and more detailed?

Peter Huang

Thank you so much for your reply! I read your review of the Anew X-One and it’s actually one that caught my attention even before. I also read your reviews of the Astrotec Phoenix, CA Atlas, and Ikko OH-7.
High quality impactful bass and good soundstage seem to be prominent in all 3 of them.
Do you mind commenting on these as well as comparing them with the Anew X-One for epic orchestral soundtrack music?
I don’t have a good sense of how much better good IEMs in higher price brackets sound. I took about 8 years off from this and came back and was astounded at the immense progress including price/performance ratio.
Could you comment on this?
I have ancient CIEMs like Heir Audio 8.a and Future Sonics MG6 pro, as well as universal IEMs like Ocharaku Flat 4 Kaede (original version), JVC HA-FX800, AT CKS1000, UE 900, Cardas EM5813. These are too old to be compared to current IEMs so I don’t have any good point of reference.
Thank you!


Thank you so much again. This is super helpful!
Yup, the Ocharaku is airy and not at all bassy.
Your comparisons of the X-One, Atlas, OH-7, and Phoenix help a lot.
I like your description of stiffer/faster and slower/softer.
I like to listen to both fast paced action as well as slower emotional and atmospheric soundtrack music, and I’d say that my favorite type is kind of in between. Definitely has deep powerful bass but also mixed with lyrical components and not always fast and complex.
As you noted, I think any of the four would be very good choices.
I’ve moved the Anew X-One to among the top in my list 🙂
On another note, my presumption is that I probably would not enjoy many of the more expensive and well regarded IEMs any more than some that are under $1000 since I don’t do critical listening. I just like to enjoy the music and I think many of the qualities that the TOTL IEMs excel at probably wouldn’t necessarily make me enjoy them more.
Thank you again!

ChiaTang Hsieh

Hi, appreciate ur hardwork of review and list. I mostly listen to jpop and anime music. Currently owning imr r1 zenith. Recently looking for an updgrade around 500 to 600 sgd around 400 usd.(aim for second hand) Which would u recommend?
Also, if ignore the signature of sound, is it worth to get 1650cu or 1670ss (does it have much upgrade feel for overoll compare to r1 zenith) Thank you.

Hsieh Chia Tang

Hi, thank you for ur reply.

‘Is there a particular element that you would like to have more beyond the R1 Zenith? Or a specific type of sound signature you would be looking for?’ Actually, I’m quite satisfied with r1. Just curious are there any iem in the price range mention will cause me to feel ‘wow’ and surprise me haha.

I had tried Acoustune this Wednesday indeed they have better detail and more natural. However, consider the price (2hand) is 3x different at where I stay I would say r1 is a steal and I will just keep using it further until I can afford higher-end iem.

Thank you once again for your reply


Hi, it’s really commendable the work you have done and the time you take to reply to all queries, hope you help me with mine
I have a hyla Ce5 with me now, looking to upgrade to solaris / lcdi4 / ier z1r. Don’t have the option of auditioning them all. I generally love a v shaped signature more with perhaps a good sound stage


Hey Paul, apologies if you find these questions tedious, but I might as well shoot my shot. I’ve been looking for an iem around the $200 maybe $250 price range but have trouble finding a pair I’m satisfied with. Is there an iem in that price range which resembles the ie800s? Bit of a long shot, but they were the best iem I’ve listened to that damn near fit my exact perfect iem.
Points that I liked, the soundstage was vast and the clarity between the individual instruments exacerbated the separation, all without being “analytical”. The overall sound felt dark, yet immersive, with the highs having a crisp like texture without sibilance. The sound coming through didn’t feel particularly forwards, or recessed, it felt very “present” and therefore immersive in an effortless way. The bass attacked and recessed fast but in a natural manner, sub-bass extension was superb, and although not a bassy iem it was present when needed (I usually like quite a lot of bass, just that other elements of the lower end made up for it). The mids were special in so far as not being forward or recessed, but by simply being “present” in a beautiful manner, it relied on the quality of the sound. The highs were clear and crisp, revealing textures I didn’t notice in soundtracks before. Without being tiresome and sharp at all, the sparkles of the highs in contrast with the overall darkness of the iem textured beautifully.
Some iem I’ve tried/owned to give reference, the cx300ii was the first iem I feel in love with as a kid. The bass, immersive and engaging nature made it my first love, in some ways I feel like the ie800s is the final evolution of the cheap cx300ii. The se215 seemed quite underwhelming being the supposed upgrade from the cx300ii, I found it to be unengaging and boring, nothing in particular stood out to me, bass underwhelming. The ie80’s mids were too recessed for me to enjoy the sound. There was no sparkle, and felt all it had going was the bass. The bass quantity was certainly there but of course the quality of the ie800s beat it out. The ie80s was a lot more engaging that the ie80. Mids were still recessed but better than the prior version. However I didn’t feel like it was worth the price as it was missing that special sparkle when I listened to the cx300ii as a kid and the ie800s as an adult.

Much thanks,


Paul thank you so so much! I’ll definitely check out the Focus Vocal EDM. Having a direction on where to look for my next pair of iems is a huge help. Seriously, thank you.



Another thing, one particular feature I noticed with the ie800s was that the bass and other aspects of the sound was a little “dry” which benefited from revealing more of the texture of the sound. As opposed to others being more wet/warm, which I felt veiled the sounds’ texture. How are the Focus EDM in this regard?


I see, don’t mind waiting at all. Even if you don’t have the time or can’t get your hands on a pair, you’ve been more than helpful already. Appreciate it.


Thanks for the reply! The IMR R1 Zenith seem to be priced pretty steeply, are there any others you would recommend at a cheaper price?

Timothy e

If you can only choose 1 IEM below 200usd,what would you pick??


Hi. Qoa pink lady or tfz queen ltd?
What would you pick?


Hello, do you think Cayin YB04 is great ? Soundwise and value wise? How do you compare to the likes of CA Atlas and Tanchjim Oxygen? I like high quality treble and midrange without fatigue listening? And detailed bass even its not crazy impactful. Would do Jazz, Country and instrumental sounds detailed, accurate and musical. Does the YB04 fits the bill or I should consider other options in that price range?


I bookmark this website. Nice review write-up and satisfaction list 👍
I saw Vsonic on the list, looks like you also from old era 🙂
Make me remember VE Monk hype era in the past.


Hi, do you have any recommendations for IEMs below $300 that are airy but with excellent sub-bass extension. It would be a plus if the bass/sub-bass was quick/responsive as well. Cheers mate.


I have bookmarked this website for more than one year, and I wish all your guys having a good new year and stay from the COVID-19.


Hi,will you do AK Zero1 review?