AFUL Magic One Review: The Art of Single BA

AFUL Magic One Review: The Art of Single BA

Using a single driver for an earphone was always considered a classic move. A hard-to-go-wong option. Even those earphones that use the same driver type differed a lot in quality. The driver count was not really a good scale of measure to determine how an IEM would perform, except for this one type… balanced armature drivers.


Single BA is often overlooked since there is little to work with. The micro-sized chamber and diaphragm limit the opportunities for major improvements. After all, there is an inevitable barrier caused by the “weight class” of the drivers. The bigger it is, the more things to work with. Just like headphones generally perform better than IEMs. However, the new release from Aful, the Magic One, was a genuine surprise. Let’s talk about what’s impressive about Magic One and how it sounds. Magic One is available from HiFiGo and priced at $139.




Magic One comes in a sleek black package box. Once opened reveal the including which are the earphones, a metal carrying case, 6 pairs of silicone tips, and some paperwork. Quite a simple set of accessories, yet understandable considering the price range.




The cable options are available in either 3.5mm or 4.4mm. The wires are made with high-purity OFC silver-plated wires. The Litz Type-4 Coaxial shielding structure offers better sound transmission and lower distortion. Cables have an average weight and are quite soft to the feel, keeping the user experience free from microphonics.



Earpieces / Design

The Magic One’s earpieces are made of transparent resin shells topped with faceplates that are etched with silver patterns. The faceplate design gives the premium. unconventional looks. The patterns on the faceplate resemble snowflakes which is probably intended since it’s released at the winter.

Magic One uses standard 2pin 0.78mm connectors with non-recessed sockets. It gives a flush connection with the cable, yet the stock cable wouldn’t be compatible with other IEMs that use recessed sockets. The earpieces are light, compact, and ergonomic. It gives a seamless fit to the ears that would be very comfortable for most.


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