ADV Model X+ Review: Basshead cleverly done

ADV Model X+ Review: Basshead cleverly done

ADV (formerly Advanced) is going wild with their range of TWS products nowadays, one of them being Model X. Nope, it is Model X+ to be exact. They recently launched their upgraded Plus(+) model, taking over their former Model X that gained quite a good reaction among the community. Let us now go through the features, sound quality, and performance of Model X+.




Model X+ comes in a modern, dark-themed packaging with detailed spec and info printed on the outer sleeve. Other than the earpieces, it includes a charging case, 4 pairs of silicone tips, 1 pair of foam tip, a wrist strap, a cloth carrying pouch, a Type-C charging cable, and paperwork. It is good to see them including additional carrying pouch and wrist strap, which I found quite useful when carrying around. 



Spec and features

Earpieces sport the same shape and design as the original Model X but with everything upgraded for the interiors. Let us go through the changes that were taken from the old one. Model X+ uses a large 10mm graphene dynamic driver with a new tuning that lifted up sub-bass and lower treble for fuller and richer sound. Model X+ now also supports mono mode for both left and right earpieces. It does not require extra settings and simply pulling out a single earpiece would do the job. The earpieces would automatically divert back to stereo mode once the mono earpiece detects the other earpiece, which is quite handy and hassle-free.


The faceplates are touch-sensitive and could be controlled by taking different actions. Taping once for play&pause / answer&end phone calls. Taping twice for previous / skip tracks. Tap and hold for volume control – applying to the left earpiece would gradually decrease the volume while the right earpiece would increase it. Lastly, taping three times would activate voice control if available. 



Design and comfort

Quite a sleek, sexy design the Model X+ has. Somewhat simplistic in design, but not boring or stale. The housing is made of durable and lightweight with all components bonded near seamlessly. The inner side of the shell is finished with a fine grainy texture with a matte black color, making it look nice to the eyes and feel nice to the ears. The outer side of the shell has a glossy black finish with a long LED indicator on the lower side that blinks in cyan. There is a small vent on the upper side of the faceplate for pressure release.


The nozzle is average in length along with the shape and angle ergonomically made. The nozzle diameter is about T400 and has that short nozzle shape found from most other TWS IEMs. Although the earpiece looks to be large, the housing narrows down as it heads to the nozzle and snugs into the canals without any bothering edges or humps. The thickness is also on the slimmer side and will not stick out from the ears. The fit is very firm and stable, yet to experience any shaking even when I was doing exercises. Overall, the shapes are very ergonomically made and would fit most people without a problem. 



Playtime and connectivity

Model X+ plays for 5-hours on a single charge and possible to play up to 25 hours by its charging case. A 5-hour length is more than enough for me to use them without feeling pressured to charge. So far, I have never run out of battery during usage. The charging speed for the earpieces is pretty fast too. I was not able to find any official specs for that, but I can see the charging speed is sure above average.


For latency, Model X+ performs very well. I was not able to catch any latency while synced with games or videos, at least to my senses. Bluetooth stability is also up to par and maintains a consistent connection. Not the “best of the best” connection I have seen so far, but definitely in the “very stable” range. unless the antenna part of the device is excessively covered or blocked, the connection always stays intact for both earpieces and provides an unbothered listening experience. The connection strength is also quite good and keeps a smooth transmission even when the device is fairly far away. The official spec tells the connection distance reaches up to 10m which my testing turned out to be the same as described. 



Charging case / Function

Despite the smaller and slimmer size, the charging case has been packed with more features. The opening is installed with magnets along with the case supporting wireless QI charging. Model X+ now uses a Type-C charging port which allows the case to be charged visibly faster. A single LED light is installed at the front of the case which stays turned on when the earpieces are getting charged and blinks once the charging is completed. However, there does not seem to be a way to identify the remaining battery amount of the case.  


Another drawback is that the earpiece cradles are very shallow which precisely fits in with the earpieces – but by a narrow margin, which is also for the stock tips only. Almost any other TWS eartips (Spinfits, E-Pro, etc.) will keep the earpieces bulged out from the cradle, making it impossible to close the case. Besides, the earpieces will automatically turn off once the earpieces are correctly stored in the charging case – which means that if you are going to use those aftermarket tips, you will have to manually remove the eartips and store them elsewhere every time after usage. Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if you use the stock tips (or any compatible aftermarket tips).


*Important revision update: The Model X+ is ABLE to be manually turned on and off – by tap & hold for tuning on, double tap and hold for tuning off.



Sound impression – Lows

Model X+ sports a bassy sound signature topped with delicate upper frequencies. Lows are quite large in body and show a strong, bold, and dark rumble. It does produce reverbs, but not too overdone or bloated. The texture feels soft which focuses more on smoothly flowing down the bass like a water flow. Quite impressing as the bass is very large and vibrant in both quantity and color, yet it does not lose its core density as well as delivering lively dynamics. Those lifeless, loosened-up basshead sounds are never the case for Model X+. I would say Model X+ stays loyal to the basshead sound signature while thoroughly respecting the high-fidelity criteria at the same time. 



Sound impression – Mids

Although the lower mids are very slightly recessed (more like a half step back), it has large and full-bodied imaging that keeps the vocals just as prominent – but in a complete fatigue-free manner. The imaging size for the mids is just as big as the lows, actually. Anywho, I believe this action has been done purposely as the vocals are vividly presented but never gets tiring or spiky. Upper mids have a good amount of air, but with a warm temperature and only highlighted within maintaining the relaxing, smooth atmosphere. Upper mids also gain a minor amount of crispiness, but not much. It serves more like a nudge to let the listener feel a bit of a refreshing bite. Vocals are powerful in dynamics and liveliness with a decent tonality. Both male and female vocals work out well, though it does a better job processing meaty-sounding vocals. Spikes or sibilances are not found whatsoever. 



Sound impression – highs

Highs are a little more recessed than the mids and also a lot lesser in quantity. Though it does not necessarily feel like the highs are lacking in frequency range as I could hear the small micro treble details from the behind – just very small in imaging size and quantity. It does a minimum job which is to deliver just the necessary details only and not taking a step further than that. In Model X+, highs are a secondary element that supplements the lows and mids with small shines and treble tingles. This will continue the fatigue-free, warm sound signature but good enough to relieve the atmosphere from getting too warmish or stuffy.


Staging is quite large, mainly done by the deep, vast bass, supplemented by the just as large vocals, and lastly, the small treble garnishes on the top. Separation is thoroughly up to par and does not get mixed up in instruments. Those small portions of highs is important a lot more than you would think when looking at the big picture, as they take quite a big role in taking charge of the analytical performance.  




TWS products are still in an experimental stage to this day, meaning they still have inherent flaws that are left as future assignments – mainly sound quality and stability. Nevertheless, Model X+ is a very well made, high-quality product that is hard to find any major flaws or disappointments to complain about, especially for its reasonable asking price. This one is going to be easily recommendable for anybody looking for a quality, reliable TWS earphone.  




Thanks to ADV for providing Model X+ in exchange for an honest impression/feedback. 

I am not affiliated with ADV and none of my words were modded or asked to be changed.

ADV Model X+
Instant, hassle-free connection
Plentiful bass and prominent upper frequencies
Light and compact carrying case and earpieces
Easy UI for volume/track controls
Stellar build/sound quality for the price
Aftermarket tips usually would not fit with the case
Stability could've been stronger (but doesn't directly impact the usage after all)
Unable to check the remaining battery level of the case