Rhapsodio Supreme V3 Review: The Emperor

Compared to Oriolus Traillii (Review link)

Nowadays having the nickname called “The Bird”, the Traillii is Oriolus’s summit-fi flagship IEM. It’s also the most expensive item reviewed by us so far until Supreme V3 comes up as an opponent, being slightly higher in pricing. Let’s see how these god-level IEMs perform and compare with each other. Both Traillii and Supreme V3 have an all-rounder sound signature with top-notch performance. They are similar in the sense that they have a grand headroom that draws out immense depth imagery and vastness. However, the tonal balance or the overall nuance of the sound differs between them. Traillii is warmer, darker, and has a more solemn tone. Supreme V3 is brighter, more energetic, and has a more refreshing tone.


These two also differ in presenting the sound texture. Traillii carefully garnishes the texture grains on top of a smooth sound whereas Supreme V3 is clarity-based and daringly yet skillfully exposes the texture with no fatigue. Traillii and Supreme V3 both have wonderful coherency and analyticity yet Supreme V3 delivers a more solid, tight punch for the bass. Supreme V3 also takes another win in technical performance such as resolution and clarity, overall providing a better environment to tune into the tiny musical details. But then again, Traillii ensures itself to go neck to neck with its uniquely musical sound profile, so the matter comes down to personally choosing between musicality or analyticity.


Traillii is like a Rolce Royce that pursues a gentle, classic style of sound profile. Or a master craftsman who doesn’t fall behind the trend and produces stylish classics even during the modern days. Supreme V3 is like a Ferrari, giving a feeling that it would be uncontrollable like a strong, wild horse, yet unexpectedly, it behaves extremely delicate and controlled. The passionate-fueled nuance, crispy bite of details, and finely-tuned timbre work out just beautifully.   



Compared to Campfire Audio Trifecta (Review coming soon!)

Trifecta is Campfire Audio’s new summit-fi flagship which is also the most expensive IEM they have presented so far. Both Trifecta and Supreme V3 resemble each other in that they have that powerful and large sound profile, yet they differ a lot as we dig into the details. First thing, the texture. Although Trifecta differs from conventional single-DD characteristics, Trifecta’s texture still feels very loyal to a dynamic driver’s feeling.


Meanwhile, Supreme V3 is definitely different. Something different. It’s hard to describe so well since it’s a newer form of driver, yet while it does have significant characteristics of a dynamic driver, the texture feels a lot more fluid-like. A silky fluid that points out all the fine texture details yet continuously flows down the spectrum. The continuous flow, consistency, and texture fineness are incomparable. Both the vocals and trebles are more natural, realistic, refined, and clear on Supreme V3. The differences are plenty enough that Supreme V3 is a complete tune-up from the Trifecta. Lastly, the headroom is also larger and more spatial on Supreme V3.  


Before you make the judgment on who won this comparison, here’s a kind reminder that Supreme V3 is the flagship of flagships, even for the pricing. Trifecta ($3375) is nearly half the price of Supreme V3 ($6399). Despite their differences in performance, Trifecta is fighting extremely well considering such a price gap. It’s also important that personal preferences could make you disagree Supreme V3 is necessarily better than Trifecta. Alongside, Supreme V3 gave up a good portion of its usability and went for sound quality by sporting a giant full-brass shell. Outdoor usage is far more convenient with the Trifecta, not only because it’s light and compact but also because it doesn’t scratch easily as Supreme V3 does.


Trifecta is a wonderful flagship IEM that easily surpasses many flagship IEMs, let alone its charms being so unique that it’s capable of trapping you to have it as your #1 IEM even matched with higher-priced ones. It’s just that there are still flagships beyond flagships. All proper flagships do their basics, so the decision would be more about what you like than what is “objectively better”.   



Verdicts: The Flagship of Flagships

Supreme V3 is a state-of-the-art IEM that has set the highest benchmark in technical ability and overall performance. It opened the endless possibilities achievable through a single driver and an MST driver. I feel this is the time for brands to receive a wake-up call to dig into developing MST drivers, not only flagship models but also affordable ones. This elegant powerhouse impacts you with a great shock of musical enjoyment and heavenly sways of silky trebles are blissful to listen to. If you would like to hold an IEM with possibly one of the highest performances brought with great harmonic, natural manner, Supreme V3 will be the luxury IEM that will please both your eyes and ears.   




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Rhapsodio Supreme V3
Luxurious 24k gold-plated brass shells
Extremely detailed and analytical yet natural at the same time
One of the clearest, realistic sounding IEM
Comes with a Flagship stock cable - Copper Wizard MK2
Vast, grand soundstage which is one of the largest from earphones
Heavy and large earpieces
Earpieces are very vulnerable to scratches
Simple packaging
Not meant for those who prefer dark and warm sound signature
A very hefty price tag