As if shocking the community with the $6000 Traillii was not enough, Oriolus is now preparing to release an IEM that is more on the affordable level – named Crassirostris.


Here are the basic specs:

Oriolus Crassirostris

Driver configuration: BAx3 DDx1

Shells: 3D-printed resin

Cable: Copper-Silver hybrid with 3.5mm jack

Sensitivity: 115dB/mW

Impedance: 27ohm


Crassirostris is the succeeding product of Oriolus 2nd & Oriolus Reborn which also sports the same driver combo, but of course, with a larger staging and clearer sound from the Crassirostris. The price is expected to be set somewhere around $1129~$1139.


Both Oriolus 2nd and Oriolus Reborn were such masterpieces, which makes us wonder how good the new Crassirostris would perform. What are your thoughts? Hopefully there will be a chance to deal with it here in About Audio in the future! 



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    • aboutaudio

      To be frank, I have no clue. It appears to be released in mainland China and possibly other few countries, though it’s taking a while for Cassirostris to hit the international market. Maybe that day will come when I get used to spelling out the name of this IEM..🙃


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